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What is A Dog Nail Clipper?

A dog nail clipper, grinder or trimmer is a tool that can be used by dog owners to cute their pets’ nails short. Afterward, filing can be done, and these coupled activities can ensure that the nails are not long and sharp enough that they harm themselves or even scratch their humans. Nail clipping can also prevent infections and other health problems.

We have a great selection of dog nail clippers that you can choose from based on your pet’s size and your preference, whatever can make the job done easily. The list includes but is not limited to the following: heavy-duty pet nail clipper, electric dog nail clippers and file, and simple pet nail clipper trimmer.

Common Features of Different Dog Nail Clippers

Heavy Duty Pet Nail Clipper. A set of nail clippers and file, it is safe for use with large pets with its locking mechanism when tool is not being used.

Electric Dog Nail Clippers and File. Rechargeable using a USB cable, this electric clipper file offers a 2-speed operation that is powerful and at low noise, so pets won’t be afraid; have ports for different paw sizes.

Simple Pet Nail Clipper Trimmer. Available in 4 colors, this simple nail clipper/trimmer is most ideal when you want more control doing the nail clipping for your beloved pets. If they are fussy, you can just stop enough, appropriately restrain them, then continue trimming.

They are also available in varied colors that you can match to your pet’s other belongings. The electric clippers have detachable grinding wheel for easy maintenance.


Why Get A Dog Nail Clipper?

Grooming for pets is essential not only for aesthetic purposes but also for their hygiene and health. This can also prevent injuries and infections for them and other, especially when they run wild in the park or when playing with other dogs. Even just the simple action of nail clipping is very important for the sake of the pets.

Nail clipping can be done by professionals, but this can be expensive, and some pets may not be as calm and relaxed when being groomed by someone they don’t know. Doing it at home is relatively cheaper, what’s important is choosing a suitable dog nail clipper.

Since the nails of our pets are difficult in size, thickness and shape than human nails, it is important to get one that’s appropriate for their nail and paw sizes. Whether your dog is big or small, dog nail clippers are available in a variety of sizes. Appropriate nail clippers are also easy and comfortable to use. Dogs’ nails can be thick so unfit clippers may cause fatigue on your hand; some products have rubber grips or handles that can is softer and gentler on the hand.

The quality of the material is also a good consideration so that both you and your pet are safe when “bonding” over nail clipping. Remember that if your pet can feel pain, they can move a lot and this activity can demand more effort from you.

Our nail clippers are ideal for various dog breeds, cats, rabbit, guinea pigs, hamster and bird. Just choose an appropriate size and your preferred method (manual or electric), and you’re ready to pamper your pets!

Using the Dog Nail Clipper

Check the user manual regarding the operation of electric nail clippers and grinders. The vibration that is caused when operating a grinder tool may need some getting used to for your dogs, so the first grooming sessions may take a bit longer.

You can try offering treats to your pets during after your nail session so that they can be stimulated to allow you to cut their nails every time. This can also make them “entertained”, so they won’t mind you clipping their nails. Clip your pets’ nails on a periodical basis.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of dog nail clippers differs according to the preferred mode of operation (manual or electrical). It is important to note that buying one will surely give you a convenient and hassle-free grooming time. The ease that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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